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- Registration and Waitlist Information 

September 2016

There is currently no space in SPG's programs.

Except for incoming Kindergarten students, SPG does not keep a waitlist unless ALL programs are at capacity. If you are interested in an after-school space, it is recommended that you enroll for ANY open space so that you may move into the after-school package of choice when it comes available.

Starting every September, vacancies are filled as follows:

 - First ten vacancies to new Kindergarten students, siblings priority.
 - Any additional vacancies are offered to current members in order of registration.
 - As vacancies open up throughout the year, they are offered to current members in order of registration.

SPG will ONLY keep a waitlist if ALL programs are at capacity. That waitlist will be kept based on date of email enquiry.

To be placed on the waitlist, please email spgchildcare@yahoo.ca. You will receive an email stating you are on the list. After that, you will only be contacted once a space is available.

Summer 2017

Information on upcoming Summer Programs will be available in March 2017. At that time:

Please take a look at our Age-Specific Program Calendars and SKILLS CAMPS for more information.

Registration for Summer Programs opens in April 2017. At that time:

Please email your registration request (with child's name and age and specific dates) to spgchildcare@yahoo.ca. If space permits, you will receive a confirmation email.