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Children learn and develop best when treated as individuals. We realize that each child comes to us with a different background and a different rate of development. We aim to encourage SPG children to build upon their own abilities at their own pace.

Play is serious business to a child. A child's social, cognitive, emotional, and physical needs may be met through a program that is play based. With this in mind, SPG's program is recreation oriented. We are always open to the ideas and suggestions of children and parents. We use member input to enhance our programming and we go beyond standard daily programming to include activities such as swimming, skating, bowling and art workshops.

In our centre, we have a wide variety of games and toys, blocks, interest centres, iPads, imaginary play centres, arts and craft supplies, a playhouse and a reading area for children to choose from.

A monthly schedule of activities and events is provided to each family to give the children a sense of routine and an expectation of upcoming activities. A monthly newsletter for parents provides updates of policy change.

Our program takes into account the different interests of children of varying ages.

We have a selection of activities for Primary children Grades 1 through 3 to choose from every afternoon and an Intermediate program encouraging self-direction and responsibility for those in Grade 4 and up. We also coordinate a series of Special Programs led by professional instructors each session. Some past examples include singing, knitting, drama, skating, karate, and yoga.

During Winter and Spring Break we provide full-day care for our members.

During the summer months we invite children from all over the Lower Mainland to participate in our amazing Summer Adventure Program.